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Control Room
Main Recording Room



We offer up to 24 tracks of live or tracked analog recording. Many people feel that recording direct to computer system lacks much of the character and quality of the old vintage consoles and we agree. We track and monitor through a vintage Amek Angela 24 x 28 analog console. We also have Neve 1073 mic pres, and Telefunken 67s, if desired.

Recording is the first step in the process, when a performance is recorded on individual/separate tracks, and stored for mix down. In the past, studios stored recorded material on analog tape. Currently most studios use a digital storage system such as computer hard drive, or digital tape. These new formats have virtually removed tape from the industry, as they are sonically flawless, have less failure, and are exponentially less expensive.


Our mixing setup is also designed to take advantage of the good from the new and old worlds of mixing technology. The control room is set up to mix and monitor through the circuitry and EQs of a vintage Amek Angla (Neve designed) console. The editing and mixing automation is then done using a Pro Tools TDM computer system that interfaces through the analog console accessing the vintage processing equipment on the way to the 2 track final mix. The 2 track stereo mix can travel to 24 bit DAT or to 2 track Nagra IV analog tape for mastering.

(Mixing is the process of bringing all the individually recorded tracks together to create a final 2 track stereo mix. This is the mix that is heard on the forthcoming CD. Simply put, this is when the engineer blends all the tracks together by adjusting tone and volume. Mixing a track or song can be very simply or very complicated process. The time involved depends on the complexity of the tracks, along with level of perfection that client desires.)


The studio has also specialized in mastering CDs since 1998. Not only mastering projects from an array of other studios, virtually all projects recorded on site are mastered in house. We can work from 24 or 16 bit DATs, 2 track ¼ analog tape, and from any wave file type discs. Our mastering facility is set up with a combination of Pro Tools and Sony's Sonic Foundry. As with recording and mixing, we also often use the studio's vintage processing equipment, such as Neve 4454 compression and Amek ClO1 parametric equalization.

Mastering is the last step before a CD is sent to be manufactured. The CDs song order is constructed here, the time between cuts, final volume and stereo tone decisions made. Volume and tone decisions are global at this stage therefore attempting to correct mix issues of individual tracks here is very ineffectual. With this in mind, we love mastering projects that we have recorded as it gives us a chance to go back to the original mix and/or recording to correct a specific issue if there is one. This process protects the integrity of the final two track mix by never forcing us to fix a very specific problem with general non- specific means.

Equipment list

The studio is filled with an incredible combination of vintage and the current state of the art new equipment. Below is a partial list of current the studios equipment.

Amek Angela 24 x 28 console (Neve period)
Pro Tools TDM system
Sony Sonic Foundry
Neve 1073 mic pres
Telefunken 67 mic pres
Neve 4455 Stereo compressors
Amek ClO1 compressors (12)
Amek ClO1 Parametric EQs (2)
Genilic 1031 A. Bi-Amped Reference Monitors
Q Mix Headphone Matrix
Sony MDR7506 headphones (8 pair)
White 4700 Digital EQs
Master Link
Panasonic 3800 DAT
Tascam DA 45HR 24-bit Mastering DAT
Nagra IV SJ ¼ Analog 2 track
Tascam CD-RW402
Lexicon PCM 90 reverb
Lexicon PCM 91 reverb
Peterson Strobe and Virtual Strobe


Yamaha G2 Grand Piano
Fender Rhodes 73 Piano
Hohner D6 Clavenet

Picture of some of our mics.

Neumann Tube U47 (3)
Neumann Tube M49
Neumann Tube U67
Neumann U87
Neumann tube KM54 (2)
Neumann KM 84 (4)
Neumann KM 85 (4)
AKG Tube C12
AKG 414
AKG 460
EV 667A
Rode Tube Classic
EV Re 20
Audio Technica 4050
Audio Technica P37 (2)
Shure Beta 52, 57, 58
Shure 57, 58
Audio Teck 4050
Audio Teck 37
Brooks Siren DIs


The studio is protected by a Brinks Compression alarm system combined with 24-hour video surveillance.

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