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The current studio
The original studio (not really)

"Vocally, [Alice] Gerrard is at her best: confident, nuanced, focused. Her haunting presentation of "Girl of Constant Sorrow" (bearing little resemblance to the "O Brother" variant) is one of the most perfect recordings of an old-timey song ever made. With Brad Leftwich on fiddle and Tom Sauber on banjo, Gerrard doesn't simply interpret the song; she lives it." --Jack Bernhardt         

        Review of "Calling Me Home" on newsobserver.com May 30, 2004

"While the packaging on The Sea & The Sky certainly ranks as impressive, it pales in comparison to the sound of the disc. The Sea & Sky is one of the best-sounding recordings I've heard in awhile. The phrase "audiophile quality" usually implies great sound coupled with a paucity of musical content, on this disc you get great sound and fine music....This recording makes your average CD sound like doggy-doo in comparison."

        Review of Jonathan Byrd and Dromedary "The Sea & Sky" in Vintage Guitar September 2004


F!#* yeah I want to give some testimonial! I'm ready to testify. The Rubber Room is the best place to record. Jerry Brown is awesome to work with. He has a vast knowledge of recording and performing music to draw upon. He is always ready to give advice or he'll just let you do it the way you want to. The studio has great mics, pre-amps, isolation booths, killer guitars, and up to date computer software. The room sounds good people. Unless the performers are absolutely horrible, whatever he records will be in time and in tune! The Rubber Room Frick'n Rocks!

        Charles Humphrey, Steep Canyon Rangers

"Having had the great pleasure of working with Jerry Brown for twenty years in concert halls and theatres from the Carolinas to Broadway, I can write the highest of rave reviews for him and his work. Since Jerry is a first-rate musician and recording artist in his own right, he gives all the rest of us his incredibly insightful attention and truly effective efforts as a producer and acoustic designer when we're on stage or in the studio.  One of the very best friends American acoustic music has in the 21st century!"

        Bland Simpson, The Red Clay Ramblers

Jerry Brown has a way of getting people to relax in the studio...he takes the edge off...he also has a fantastic collection of vintage and modern microphones...& the best thing about him, besides that big, fluffy head of hair, are those ears of his...that's the real secret weapon in The Rubber Room!

        Don Dixon
          Acclaimed for his work producing R.E.M., The Smithereens, Guadalcanal Diary, Fetchin' Bones,
        Chris Stamey, and Dumptruck among many others.

"The Rubber Room has what The Grass Cats and I have looked for in a studio from day one. Whether tracking, mixing or mastering, Jerry creates an environment where the artist can get their very best performances captured on state of the art and vintage equipment. All of this is so important in achieving the end result, a product that the artist is proud of and can sell. We've worked on six CD's there starting in 1999 and it's hard to imagine trusting anyone else to help The Cats capture their sound."

        Russell Johnson
        Producer, Songwriter, Mandolinist with The Grass Cats

"I just wanted you to know that I think you do really great work. Since recording at your place (what was it - a year and a half ago?) I have compared the sound of that CD with all kinds of projects and the quality and richness that you got wins out... everytime....."

        Thanks for the great work....Mark Olitsky - Banjo player on The Killer Grits CD